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Every family is unique and each has its own needs, especially when legal issues arise. The only way an attorney can manage family law issues properly is to take the time to understand each and every family, and then help determine the best possible option for that family. Some of the most common family legal issues in Texas involve the well-being of children. As much as every parent would like to assume that he or she is doing what is best for their child during a family transition, it can be difficult to put emotions aside and ensure that the children are the first priority.

Collaborative LawRead More

Collaborative Law is a growing trend and an effective means of resolving divorces, child custody and other family disputes with less direct court involvement. It is growing increasingly popular with families that want to maintain their privacy, and it often results in a less expensive resolution by enabling the clients to avoid the costs and fees inherent in contentious court battles. The process combines the benefits of non-binding mediation, such as good faith and being client-driven, but differs in some key aspects. In a collaborative proceeding, as in traditional litigation, each client retains his or her own collaboratively trained attorney.

Franchise & DistributionRead More

Franchisors, manufacturers, and other business professionals using third party relationships as a distribution mechanism face a variety of legal issues when pursuing their business goals. Success requires finding a Texas attorney with extensive experience in working with various aspects of vertical distribution and formats, including franchising, dealership and distributorship programs, commercial licensing and co-branding arrangements, direct selling relationships, and management agreement formats. James Urmin can help. James has spent more than two decades ensuring business clients comply with regulatory, statutory and other legal mandates through creative and focused legal counsel.

Business, Contracts & EmploymentRead More

Business, Contracts & Employment As a business owner in Texas, you need an attorney to serve as your general corporate counsel, no matter the size or type of your business. James Urmin is experienced in the drafting, reviewing, and negotiating of a variety of contracts. He can help you create official documents to manage your business transactions and manage other legal issues you encounter throughout the everyday operations of your business. If you are a business owner facing allegations of race, sex, age, religious, or disability discrimination, or allegations of wrongful termination or retaliation, James can help you defend against them in a variety of ways.

MediationRead More

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can be effective for ending personal and business disputes outside of the courtroom. It avoids the hassle, uncertainty and cost of litigation, and provides a variety of long-term benefits many fail to consider when in the midst of a vicious legal battle. Mediation is often court-ordered as part of the litigation process, or it may be voluntarily chosen prior to or during litigation. Opting for mediation when involved in a legal dispute in Texas can provide a variety of benefits. The process is less expensive and requires less time.