Dallas Franchise Attorney – Franchise & Distribution

Franchisors, manufacturers, and other business professionals using third party relationships as a distribution mechanism face a variety of legal issues when pursuing their business goals. Success requires finding a Texas attorney with extensive experience in working with various aspects of vertical distribution and formats, including franchising, dealership and distributorship programs, commercial licensing and co-branding arrangements, direct selling relationships, and management agreement formats. James Urmin can help.

James has spent more than two decades ensuring business clients comply with regulatory, statutory and other legal mandates through creative and focused legal counsel. With his experience in franchise & distribution law, James understands how the law applies to such agreements and how they may be interpreted, which may vary from Texas to another state. Depending upon the situation and client needs, James will assist in the negotiation and drafting of a franchise or distribution agreement, and can provide advice on how the involved organizations can improve productivity, comply with contractual obligations, and objectively document compliance or non-compliance, as appropriate. Coming up with specific and effective programs means fostering a clear understanding of the underlying business, how the organization is situated amidst its peers and competitors, and to assist management in figuring out ways to help guide the business forward.

James’ extensive legal experience and business experience, coupled with his accounting degree and MBA, uniquely positions him to assist in each of these areas. A seemingly minor mistake at any point in the franchise or distribution process can create a stumbling block for a business that may take significant resources to correct – which is why it is so important to work with someone with experience.