Dallas Family Law Attorney

Every family is unique and each has its own needs, especially when legal issues arise. The only way an attorney can manage family law issues properly is to take the time to understand each and every family, and then help determine the best possible option for that family.

Some of the most common family legal issues in Texas involve the well-being of children. As much as every parent would like to assume that he or she is doing what is best for their child during a family transition, it can be difficult to put emotions aside and ensure that the children are the first priority. An attorney that understands a family’s unique needs can do what it takes to make sure a child is the most important consideration during divorce and other family transitions.

If you are looking for an attorney in Texas that understands the sensitivity of family law issues and will work to protect your priorities, including your children, James Urmin can help. James has spent more than two decades working as a Texas attorney and doing what it takes to protect the rights of families. No matter how complicated or emotional your family legal issues, he can help.